The Chosen
By Chaim Potok



The Chosen is revolves around two main characters; Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders. They live within a few blocks of each other but never met until a baseball game that quickly became about religion. However they become friends and teach each other things after Reuven Malter is in the hospital. They both live in Jewish communities but are raised differently. Danny struggles in his life due to his father wanting him to take over his Hasidic community. However all of that is fixed due to Reuven's and Danny's friendship.

Plot Structure
Reuven Malter and Danny Saunders are two Jewish Boys that live in the Brooklyn, New York. Danny is having a hard time enjoying his life due to who his father is and what he wants for his future. The private Jewish schools begin playing baseball to show that they are just as fit as the public schools since WWII is going on. However, Danny Saunders is the best player from Reuvens rival school and for a good reason. Danny injures Reuven on purpose when he hit the ball directly towards him. While Reuven's in the hospital they become friends after Danny ask for his forgiveness. They talk a great deal and learn about each others daily lives and one shocker is when Reuven's father has been the man that recommended Danny books to read. After that during their high school years they become very close friends, hanging out every afternoon. During one summer Reuven had to stay with the Saunders because his father suffered a heart attack. While in college Reb Issac Saunders makes Danny discontinue his friendship with Reuven because of the fighting in Jewish land. After the fighting seizes, Danny and Reuven are permitted to be friends again. Danny applies for graduate courses and comes to realize his father is going to have to find out one day or another. However Reb Isaac accepts the fact that his son isn't going to take over their Jewish community and speaks to Danny through Reuven explaining why he was raised in silence and gives Danny his blessings for his choice on enrolling in Columbia University for graduate classes.


  • Reuven Malter - The narrator of the novel and one of the protagonist. Danny's best friend. Reb Saunders voice to Danny.
  • Danny Saunders - The main protagonist. Reuvens best friend.
  • David Malter - Reuven's father
  • Reb Isaac Saunders - Danny's father
  • Mr. Galanter - Reuvens softball coach
  • Levi Saunders - Danny's younger brother
  • Billy Merrit - Blind boy that Reuven meets in the hospital
  • Roger Merrit - Billy's father
  • Solomon Maimon - Reuven feels as Danny is like him

Author: Chaim Potok

Chaim Potok real name is Herman Harold Potok on February 17, 1929 in the Bronx. His parent's moved from Poland in the early 1920's and after being settled they were hit buy the Great Depression. His first work of literature was The Chosen. He passed away in 2002.

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The Chosen is a good book to read if you want to see how life is for Jewish people. It also gives you a good father son relationship story. However, I feel as if Chaim Potok mad the novel a little bit too long. I got quite bored at some parts in the book even though the book is interesting. But the bottom line is that i wouldn't recommend the book to any of my friends.