~Wuthering Heights~
By: Emily Bronte

Summary: The Book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is about revenge. There are two families the Earnshaw family and the Linton family. It all starts when Mr. Earnshaw adopts a young black boy named Heathcliff. When Heathcliff moves in with his new family he falls deeply in love with his "sister" Catherine. Mr. Earnshaw's son Hindley is getting jealous of Heathcliff and starts being cruel to him, so Hindley's father sends him away and in replace of his son he treats Heathcliff as one of his one. Catherine betrays her love when she is biten by the Linton's dog and falls in love with Mr.Lintons son Edgar. Catherine must chose between her two loves Heathcliff and Edgar. Catherine is a stubborn spoiled girl and loves her social life so she picks Edgar to impove her social life. After marrying Edgar Heathcliff turns mad and into a cruel man. A couple years later Heathcliff marries Isabella Linton in revenge of the linton's. They have a son named Linton, but Linton and his mother Isabella moved to England were she raised Linton. Catherine and Edgar had a child named Catherine but Catherine(big one) died while giving birth. When heathcliff found this out it drove him even more crazy he would try and see and talk to her spirit and keep it in the manor he wanted a seconf chance at love with her. Mean while Hindley meets and marries a woman named France, which they have a child named Hareton. After hareton is born Hindley died of acoholism, which then Heathcliff claims custody of Hareton and raises him cruely like Hindley did to him. When Linton moves in with his father he is forced to marry young Catherine so that Heathcliff can take over Thrushcross Grange, in revenge of everyone. Linton dies shortly after the marriage. Young Catherine begins a secret love affair with Hareton. Them to love together and fall deeply in love but Heathcliff doesnt mind becuase he reminds him of Him and Catherine. And now becuase he owns both properties he cn live peacefully knowing that he got revenge on all who had done him wrong. The story is narratored by Nelly becuase she is telling Lockwood who is a guest staying at Wuthering Heights.

Heathcliff:(Major) Heathcliff was a orphan adopted by Mr. Earnshaw. Heathcliff fell madly in love with his sister Catherine. He had been betrayed by so many people that he turned into a cruel man. He also married Isabella and had a child named Linton.
Catherine:(Major) Catherine was Mr. Earnshaw's daughter who madly in love with heathcliff, but becuase of Catherine's desire for social advancement she chose to marry Edgar Linton and betrays who true love. Catherine is described as a beautiful but yet arrogant woman.
Hindley Earnshaw:(Major) Hindley is Catherine’s brother, and Mr. Earnshaw’s son. Hindley hates it when Heathcliff is brought to live at Wuthering Heights. After his father dies and he inherits the estate, Hindley begins to abuse the young Heathcliff, and ruining his education and forcing him to work in the fields. When Hindley’s wife Frances dies shortly after giving birth to their son Hareton, he gets into alcoholism.
Edgar Linton: (Major)Edgar is Catherine's husband. Catherine often describes him as handsome, respectful, and a perfect gentlemen. Other characters decsribe him as spoiled and a coward.
Nelly Dean: Nelly is the chief narrator of the story. She was raised alongside Catherine and Hindley.
Lockwood: Lockwood's
narration forms a frame around Nelly’s he serves as an intermediary between Nelly and the reader. He is from a region in England. He is also confused and lost with the household's storys and revenge plans.
Young Catherine: Young Catherine is the daughter of Catherine and Edgar. Catherine ends up marrying Linton but is secretly in love with Hareton.
Hareton Earnshaw: Hareton is the son of Hindley and France's Earnshaw. After Hareton's father dies Heathcliff claims custody and raises Hareton as Hindley raised him cruel and turned him into a field worker.
Linton Heathcliff: Linton was heathcliff's and Isabella's son. Linton was raised in England with his mother. Shortly after his mothers death he was sent to love with his father, which was his first time meeting him at the age of 13. Heathcliff forced Linton to marry Young Catherine. Shortly after the marriage Linton died.
Isabella Linton: Isabella is Edgar Linton’s sister, who falls in love with Heathcliff and marries him. She sees Heathcliff as a romantic dude. She pretty much ruins her life by falling in love with him. He never returns her feelings and treats her horrible becuase he is only using her for revenge on the Linton family.
Mr. Earnshaw: Is the father of Catherine and Hindley. He adopts Heathcliff and betrays his own son by sending him away and replacing heathcliff.
Mrs. Earnshaw: Is Mr. Earnshaw's wife. She does not like or trust Heathcliff at all, and she dies shortly after Heathcliff moves in.
Mr. Linton && Mrs. Linton: The parents of Edgar and Isabella. And the property owners of Thrushcross Grange.

Setting: The setting of the book is in the English Moors time. Also it takes place in two manor's the first being Wuthering heights & the second being Thrushcross Grange. The book's setting was also taken place in the 19th century.

Rising Action: When Heathcliff arrives at Wuthering heights, Hindley is kicked out and send away, Heathcliff falls in love with Catherine, and Catherines first visit to Thrushcross Grange.
Climax:Catherine’s death is the conflict between herself and Heathcliff and removes any possibility that their conflict could be resolved positively; after Catherine’s death, Heathcliff merely extends and deepens his drives toward revenge and cruelty.
Falling Action: Heathcliff ruins Isabella's life and drives her away, takes control of his son Linton, forces Catherine and Linton to marry, inherits Thrushcross Grange, then dies; Hareton and young Catherine get engaged and promise each other an end to the cycle of revenge.

Literary Devices: There are two themes in this novel.
- The destructiveness of a love that never changes
- The precariousness of social class

Name: Emily Bronte
Birthday: July 30, 1818
Birth Place: 74 Market street in Thorton,England
Mother: Maria Branwell
Death Date: December 19, 1848
Emily was born and raised in England. Emily was the fourth child born to both Maria and Patrick. When Emily was 3 years old her mother died of cancer, thats when she and her brothers and sisters moved to Haworth, England. Emily had four older siblings Maria, Elizabeth, Charlotte, and and Patrick. In 1824, Emily and her four sisters entered the Clergy Daughter’s School at Cowan Bridge. When Maria and Elizabeth died there a year later of tuberculosis, Emily and Charlotte returned home to Haworth. Their father was a quiet man and liked to be alone. So Emily and her sister would teach themselves and study the work of Willam Shakespear, Virgil,John Milton, and the Bible and played the piano, and told each other stories. In 1842 Emily and her sisters had a dream of opening their own school. Emily and her sister Charlotte went away to school a couple years before that but left because they were ill and homesick. Emily’s life was getting worse when her brother Branwell had become an alcoholic and addicted to opium and the family were constantly dealing with his depressions and at times mad ravings. He died in 1848 and while at his funeral Emily caught a cold and died soon after, on December 19,1848. She now rests with her mother and father and sisters Charlotte, Maria, and Elizabeth and brother Branwell in the family vault at the Church of Saint Michael and All Angels in Haworth, West Yorkshire, England.

Literary Critisim: Edward Morgan Forester
In Edwards critisim he think's Emily's book is very good on how she wrote it and how she put everything together. He also says that she did amazing by putting th characters together. He also says something about being very careful when she wrote her novel, but it didn't really make a lot of sense. Edward also answered a question stating But why Emily Bronte? Why should Wuthering Heights be in this such enquiry? His answer to his question is because she wrote about human beings and not the universe. Edward is a type of novelist who likes authors like that.

Personal Review: I loved this book. I thought it was really good and interesting, but it was kind of confusing you had to really pay attention but i would recommend it to anyone who likes a good romance novel.

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